Moralis codice

Without ethics and a Code of Conduct all is chaos and nothing is gained.

i) On each Sabbat and Esbat (Full Moon) remember the Coven and its members.

Initiated Members are required to attend every Sabbat and at least one Esbat per quarter Lunar Year (unless you have a good reason).

Open your heart and connect with us in any way you feel comfortable with and able to do.

For example, light a candle, burn incense or simple have a moments quiet contemplation.

Send light to everyone in the Society and anyone who you feel needs it for healing, strength or direction.

ii) Send light and energy to those in need, especially within the Society itself

iii) Help each other both practically and spiritually.

iv) Be a listening ear, free of judgement, condemnation or prejudices. Forgive mistakes and be compassionate towards those less able, Wise or socially mobile.

v) Share your strengths, skills, ideas and resources with the Society. Your own body and Spirit, however, is your own. Do not allow it to be violated or abused by anyone. Function as a single, divine entity who is at one with the Universe.

vii) Promote The Occult and the Society; and present it always in a good light. Use your Wisdom for the good of all. Fight against injustice. Fight against oppression.

viii) Respect and follow the guidance of your Edlers, High Priestess and High Priest. Do not distort or alter the Works of The Society or Science in order to fit your own beliefs or agenda.

IX) Do not abuse the powers you have or use them to control, hurt, frighten or upset others.

X) Follow this code always. Or face the consequences.

An it harm none. Do as Thou Whilt. Love is The Law. Love Under Will.