A Brief introduction

About the Occult Society

We walk the Olde Path of Wisdom

The Occult Society is a global group of individuals who share a common need. The seeking of Wisdom of the Within and the Without. We seek Wisdom from around the World. We research. We Teach. We empower. We advocate.

Our Members are on a Olde Path of Wisdom. A Path they can never fully walk. The path that has many tracks. The Society works together within and with external organisations to further Wisdom and encourage people to truly learn about themselves, their past and their future potential. We draw on Wisdom from all the ancient religions and practices and have an ordered but open methodology for self-advancement and progression in the Occult. We are guides. We are counsellors. We are keepers of the Ancient Wisdom.

Structure & function

Order is all when studying The Occult.

The Occult Society Members must agree to abide by Our Code of Conduct, The Witches' Run (Rede) and The Satanic Temple 7 Tenets.

This ensures everyone is treated fairly and we operate a Society that is safe and supporting for all its Members.

We are headed by our Elder Carrie-Anne and High Priest John with assistance from its Founding Members. By working on your own advancement and that of the O.S. you can increase your ranking in the Society from Initiate to the 3rd Degree and above.  We don't make any monies or charge for anything we do. We are not a pyramid scheme or money-making cult.

Becomming a member

We accept students of the occult as well as masters and fellows.

Become part of the Society. It's free and open to all.

The Occult Society does not discriminate on gender, age, sexuality or ethnicity. All are welcome as long as they adhere to our guidelines, The Witches Rune and the TST 7 Tenets. 

We are, however, not a society that embraces Christianity or Islam. These are not, in our eyes, true Occult. We are for those that seek that hidden and the empowerment of themselves. 

If you want to be part of the Occult Society you can join our free Forum to begin your journey. You can also email us and we'll be in touch to discuss your entry into the O.S. and at what level based on previous experience or ranking in other organisations.

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